JOLLIA designs vibrant boho decor cushions in a creative collaboration with a New York sofa producer. JOLLIA is overjoyed to shout out about our first collab with Elephant.inabox, the nicest, strongest, most portable sofa you’ll ever buy. Thanks to this great partnership JOLLIA enters your home with the brightest and most joyful boho decor cushions ever. There are two sets of happy colors – royal blue and dark red, created in-house at JOLLIA. The design of the blue cushions is inspired by ancient drawings of birds and fish, found on some artefacts in the Bulgarian lands. The artefacts are dating back to 3,000 years BC and could be Thracian. Birds and fish were considered by most civilizations symbols of the soul and spirit, exhibiting abundance of wealth and happiness. The red set with popular geometric figures is inspired by the rich embroidery and carpet traditions of the ethnic population in the Balkan peninsula. Both sets are charged with a powerful female creative energy to bring you happiness, good luck and abundance. Add a touch of boho look and feel to your sofa and your home! Bohemian lovers can mix and match them in a myriad of ways in their home decor. There is something mysterious, yet warm and joyful in these blue and red boho cushions, aimed to make your home the happiest home ever. Buy JOLLIA boho decor cushions directly at Elephant.inabox