Happiness captured in colors and prints

After a successful corporate career in marketing, communications and events, I took a liberal turn and started working on my own. I had an idea and one day I simply took out my daughter’s pencils and made a few colorful sketches of the clothes and prints I had in mind. They turned pretty good! With the help of my partner and best friend I developed my first prints on my laptop and produced a few dresses out of my own prints! It was such an exhilarating moment and I unleashed the powerful creative energy that was lying quietly inside me. Oh, it felt soooo good! Not only my clothes I was wearing were so feelgood and uplifting, but people who saw me reacted with huge positivity and encouragement!

This is how I found my happy!

It’s reflected in my designer prints – the joyful, vibrant colors that remind you of eternal summers with free-spirited bare-feet moments; the abstract warm and embracing geometrical patterns and the effortless chic silhouettes both feminine and comfy at the same time. JOLLIA draws inspiration from my own parents (artisans themselves) and my ethnic roots and rich cultural traditions of my home land, once inhabited by Thracians, The Roman Empire, Slavs, Bulgarians. The mixture of these rich cultural layers plus the 70’s aesthetics influences play a huge creative role in my realization of a happy artist.

When Covid came I was in doubt. Should I launch JOLLIA or? But the drive inside me was so powerful, that I didn’t give up on the first JOLLIA collection. I thought that other women might need a mood booster (and hope) more than ever right now. I still believe that we have a moral obligation to share positive energy with other women if we possess it, and yes i have put some much positive charge into JOLLIA pieces! Let’s hope that my inspiration will impact positively other women, making them believe more in themselves or simply making them feel a bit happier in their everyday lives.

We produced the first collection amidst this difficult time …and I came out even more elevated and confident than ever. As JOLLIA pieces are a joyful exhibition of me encouraging YOU to be happy. A friendly hand from one happy woman to many happy women.

So, I’m sharing with you my JOLLIA pieces as tokens of happiness. As they do bring happiness. With that I wish all of us to cultivate belief in ourselves, to allow boldness of expression, to release our imagination, and put it at the first place in our everyday lives. As there would be no ‘us’ without this human pursuit of happiness.

Let’s direct our female energy towards more joyful experiments in our daily lives. Let’s allow ourselves to be happy, together.

Sending you wealth of joy,

Mia Founder and Designer at JOLLIA