Happy girls in colorful clothing the forest


JOLLIA is a sustainable fashion brand with responsible production and nature positive impact. We hand craft slow fashion clothing from organic, recycled and deadstock materials with love for people, nature and animals. Driven by the sustainability cause, we save un-used deadstock fabrics from landfills; upcycle them and hand-craft bright, printed clothing. In coloring our items we choose digital printing process that doesn’t pollute the planet and has no water wastage over the standard dying techniques that waste gallons of water. We are a slow fashion brand and we encourage less and conscious consumption.


Worker hand crafting Jollia dress

Each JOLLIA piece is ethically hand crafted by us in-house and by artisans in small workshops in our community. We know our artisans by first name and make sure their working conditions and pay are to the highest industry standards. We produce only in the European Union to guarantee transparency of ethical production and opportunities to live well and to succeed are fairly given to every worker! ‘By happy people for happy people” is our motto and we live up to it. At the end of the day if there is no fun, what’s the point?


Happy girl in colorful kaftan and scarves

JOLLIA is on a mission to make people happier. We design fun prints in-house in vibrant colors to boost your mood. We consciously work with happy people who spark positive vibrations. We breathe second and prettier life into deadstock fabrics, saving them from landfills. We love crafting recycled fabrics, especially from ocean plastic bottles. We love creating from organic yarns, especially the wool from happy alpacas and happy sheep. We love to be happy in all our intentions, creations and actions. Why should sustainable be boring when it can be fun?