STARBUCKS X JOLLIA collab is inspired by our shared vision to preserve the planet and promote ethical and responsible production and consumption. Thank you, STARBUCKS for giving us the chance to collaborate on this great sustainable & fun project with the catchy yet meaningful messages: There Is No Planet B Ethical Is The New Hot Don’t Panic. Organic! These are the embroidered words you can read on STARBUCKS new shirts backs. Intended to make you smile and inspire you to live a more eco friendly life. Playful, fun, yet charged with meaning to make you stop … and think. JOLLIA saved 100% cotton shirts from overproduction and upcycled them sustainably and ethically with love for people and nature and one question in mind: Why should sustainable be boring when it can be fun?

EIAB_Jollia 1 (1)


JOLLIA is overjoyed to shout out about our first collab with the cutest, strongest, most portable and sustainbaly made sofa you’ll ever see… Elephant In A Box! Thanks to this boho chic collaboration JOLLIA enters the home decor with the cutest boho decor cushions ever. The design is inspired by heritage patterns and ancient drawings of birds and fish on Thracian artefacts dating back to 3,000 years B.C. Birds and fish were considered by Thracian (and most ancient civilizations) symbols of the soul and spirit, exhibiting abundance of wealth and happiness. Dress your sofa happy!